Layoffs are not minor if it’s your job

Date July 23, 2012

Two people from the Sacramento Bee newsroom have been laid off today. One worked as a photo tech the other worked as a librarian.
The guild was not given advanced notice. As their normal practice, management will pay the affected employees an additional week as a result.
I’m told the layoffs were part of a small company wide reduction primarily in areas where technology has created “efficiencies.”
We were not given the exact number of layoffs building wide. They are not required to give us any information about positions not covered by the guild.
However, I am told the number is in the single digits. (Although someone else said the number is 13.)
In any case, the news both saddens and distresses me. Like most newsroom and advertising employees, I hoped that the dark days were behind us.
– Ed Fletcher

4 Responses to “Layoffs are not minor if it’s your job”

  1. Technologist said:

    where technology has created “efficiencies.”

    My ass. Technology created efficiencies in that photo techs no longer had to color-correct each and every photo but the techs moved on and still had plenty of work to do. Scott was the video go-to guy, as well as quite savvy about facebook and youtube and not a bad computer support person. He understood both print prouction and web production like no one else. Even after Intellitune, he and the one remaining “tech” we’re very much working full time (so much so that if they wanted vacations, photographers had to be pulled from their duties to fill in for them).

    Eliminating someone so multi-talented and so technically savvy is exactly the opposite of technology creating “efficiencies.” — in this case the assumption of technology has created liabilities. We could do without such efficiencies.

  2. walter yost said:

    One of the worst aspects of layoffs/buyouts is management’s pathetic explanations as to why they are done. if only they were honest enough to say “the company needs to keep shareholders happy.” another sad day at the Bee.

  3. More Layoffs At Sacramento Bee - MediaJobsDaily said:

    [...] Bee Guild is reporting that somewhere between “single digits” and 13 non-Guild-covered employees were laid off [...]

  4. Sacramento Bee eliminates positions in newsroom, elsewhere said:

    [...] The Northern California Media Workers Guild, the labor union representing newsroom employees at the Bee, was not given advance notice of the two layoffs, Ed Fletcher, a Bee reporter and Guild member, wrote on the Guild’s website. [...]

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